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Spiritus App

Spiritus app is a creative app for everyone who want to explore their own creative spirit, you will have a creative word and symbol generator at your phone or tablet which you can use for drawing characters or comics, writing stories, modeling worlds, brain storming incredible ideas, story telling with friends and family, or just fooling around. You will have hours of imaginative play for all ages with endless combinations of words and symbols.
You can use Spiritus app for creative inspiration, mental workout, problem solving, drawing and writing exercises and many other ways, the limit is in your imagination.

Fantastic Alex

Fantastic Alex Its an interactive animation that show us the adventures of Alex a kid from the future with a great imagination, a wild sense of adventure and many amazing friends, like his robot partner Dot and his shark ship Spike. His adventurous spirit will drive him to many magic places where he will learn valuables lessons and meet fantastic creatures, where will be his next adventure?

Coming soon to appstore and google play


Hi there, I’m Freddy Fula and have been working in my passion since 2003, creating characters and unique worlds where fun and style generate a graphic communication for kids and growths. with the amazing opportunity of worked in great companies like Cartoon Network La, Nickelodeon La, Studiocom, Zemoga, Ariadna and Chimpanzee. ... read more