Testing Interaction
Design and Navigational Prototypes
Site for prototypes, proof of concepts, animation mockups and general experimental samples, WIP. Created to test different ideas and technologies. Note: many of the samples are partially working since the purpose of the prototypes was to demonstrate a particular functionality or navigation; in several cases not all the buttons works. Click on the thumbnail to see the demos or animations (USE FIREFOX BROWSER TO RUN PLUGINS).

Navigation in VR, (WebVR)

Tests for 3D spatial hands controllers interaction and locomotion. webGL VR; needs a VR HMD to use it.

Navigation in 3D space (Web)

Tests for 3D spatial navigation/locomotion. Keyboard with WASD, spacebar to jump, mouse to move head. WebGL.

Wireframes for Mobile Apps (Android)

These are interactive wireframes or game coreX test for mobile. To download the .apk on your mobile click on the thumbnail desired.

HTML 5 Conversion (Web)

Tests for HTML5 conversion from flash/actioscript

Navigational Wireframes (Web)

Interactive wireframes to test different types of navigation.

Games CoreX (Web, flash plugin)

Animation Test (Video)

Navigation in VR (Google VR, Cardboard)

These files are 3D spatial navigation and interaction tests. The platform used is Google Cardboard. To try it, you will need an android device. To download .apk click on the thumnail desired.

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